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The Rules - On Site

Post by Casper on Tue Jan 12, 2016 9:01 pm

-Notice the rules of Team-EVAC in PSO2, founded in 2016 A.D.-
Hello newcomer, and welcome to Team-EVAC Corps. There will be several rules for the site and team members to follow in the operation. Please observe them well. They are as to, but not limited to (and subject to change eventually in the later) so far below:

-Topics in regards of Phantasy Star Online 2 goes to its proper section,

-Topics in regards of "SHMUP"s (Scrolling Shoot 'Em Ups) games goes into its proper section,

-Topics about team actions and all relative are not exactly the same as just limited to PSO2, this is about the team in general so it also refers to those outside of the game as well; therefore it has a separate section of its own here (please try not to be confused),

-All other subjects not pertaining to PSO2, Scrolling Shooters, or Team-EVAC Corps are discouraged and will be removed if needed. It's possible, but not the purpose of the team's forum. If wanting to socialize, please go to the Founder site instead. We do apologize as this forum is more toward an active environment intent of focusing strictly or relative toward either Scrolling Shooter games, or Phantasy Star Online 2 only at most than other subjects. Off-Topic discussions will be moved to the single section, and eventually removed after a set amount of time.

-Any R-18 subjects are strongly discouraged from Team-EVAC Corps and will be purged accordingly (suggestive is ok, but discouraged.) Again, refer to the fonder site if interested in discussing of that matter. Such subjects are natural; however, this is not allowed in Team-EVAC, and the violator will be issued a minor warning and redirected to the Founder site instead. Repeated violations will indefinitely land the person into a temporary stasis lock (banned) for a set amount of time no greater than three days or less.

-The Founder site, known as Heavenly Solace, is strongly recommended to take a visit to and register, as it is the origin of this site itself. It's a great place to just wind back and talk one's mind (though try not to vent too much), as well as share some helpful resources and information between friendly members. Some staff members are a bit serious, but mean no harm nor offense in any way. Feel free to take a look there and stop by to register there as well whenever possible.

-Guest views: In this section, guests are allowed to view and post responses specifically to enlist into joining the team here. This is not to be mistakenly used for socializing under any other means. Violations will be removed on sight. Persisting violators will be dealt with and be shot down on second or third encounter accordingly, depending on the case.

-Guests may view some sections, and there is only one section which guests are allowed to freely respond: The Recruiting Area. However, there are limitations for such functions in the area. Guests may not post links or images, nor may they be able to edit data once placed if not a registered member.

-Recruiting Section: guests and members are allowed to post here specifically to enlist into Team-EVAC Corps.
Our base of operations is currently location on PSO2-JP - Ship 07 (The Geofu) Hope to see you there!
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