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Alliance Teams

Post by Casper on Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:21 pm

Here's the list of active alliance with other teams in PSO2 we know very well! These are our friends!

1: Midnight Blue
Level: Affectionate
Boss: Beni (Kenjutsu)
Main Boss: Maizono Karin (Mitsuki Dawn)
Activity Level: Very Active!
Note: I'm actually using my main protagonist in this team, but the roster is near full! Don't forget to try to go with them though! They're quite laid back and reasonable. I also happen to be a ringleader there too hence very active. The bad thing is that my timezone is different from everyone else (and some other "setbacks" that stop me frequently)

2: Igarax Corps.
Level: Affectionate
Boss: IH8U (my secondary main character)
Main Boss: Igarax
Activity Level: None...
Note: This quiet group might not be all active but it is formally run by someone who is close to me so I am the ex-leader of it for now since I'm the most active one running around at best. It's a private, closed group, so nobody is recruiting there.

3: Stellar Warriors
Level: Recommended
Boss: Ultlolwhat
Activity Level: Low..
Note: Another upcoming English team seeking members. The leader isn't able to get on much yet due to inferior hardware he has to cope with for the time. Take some time to join him if you can.

4: Burning Rangers
Level: Neutral-Friendly
Boss: DrRowbeatnik
Activity Level: locked
Note: *information classified, but they are not recruiting for sure... but they are somewhat reasonable.

*more to come later!
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