Encounter: My own intro

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Encounter: My own intro

Post by Casper on Thu Jan 14, 2016 11:17 pm

Right, here I will leave an introduction of myself so everyone could understand several facts and such about me on approach.

I am Casper. Renegade Administrator and leader of Team-EVAC Industry Corps here.
I do have other names you could call me by, and might be preferred personally, but either way is alright.
Other names I actively go by are Arala Cran (and at best), or Renetona (personal nickname which is unique and self-chosen), or Etna. It's alright to use some short versions of my names here for speed reference.

"Why the 'girly' names?" Well of course because I actually am a woman myself. I'm sure that's no surprise. I'm asian-american (Ex-Japanese) who was raised with American English as my prime language but have taken nominal training into learning other languages as well, such as partial Japanese, Spanish, and even a little German, though I oft struggle at times and try not to be erroneous, and never hostile under any means.

If you're very curious, I will give out only my first real name; Kasumi. I however would hope people don't exploit my name due to security reasons and parental restrictions.

...yes I live in an active family, and happens I'm one of the youngest in line, so don't be too surprised I may be clumsy and eccentric a time and again. It cannot be helped...

My birth-year and date are: April 20, 1988 A.D. (and so happens a lot of games, especially more advancing early-year shooters were born in my same birth-year, but so was also the first of Phantasy Star series from Sega as well too! Exciting isn't it? It's one reason why I love those series and games so much! Laughing ) and I am married. I won't disclose my husband's information unless given permission to do so, and let alone this is currently -my- introduction right now, so shall we keep on topic?

For some side notes, I do have lead of another forum and a few sites with it: the origin point is "Heavenly Solace" and I am very active there despite the fact that hardly posts appear as of lately due to lack of active members over the later. Also, in my home, I am adorned with the title of "SHMUP-Goddess" due to being the one main girl who plays the most scrolling shooters in the house. The 2nd best is my husband himself who actively records, and, even some rare moments, livestreams several of them himself too.

Speaking of family as well, I do live with some close friends and there are a few active siblings of mine who too go online; however they don't all that much as I do and locations they withhold do vary. I do my best to support them. As a bit of a pet-peeve however, there are some very inconvenient moments in where parents summon me for large "errands"... sometimes this can be at the worst time, repetitively, or in the downright worst case: both at once. This has cause "questionable reactions" around others as of lately, and I do not wish to disclose the information of that subject... this is just so an early warning to some of the members who may be expecting me to arrive at some locations and events. Please try to understand the situation and do not be too disappointed or irritated. Even as a leader, a queen has her "problems" to deal with in "other areas"; I am not queen of the world, therefore in some places I am no better than a peasant or even viewed as notorious by some blind eyes. I will say that I am not very social at most; however, this does not intercept chances that I can and do speak with people... I just don't exactly have much of the time, or at rare moments, the mood to go with it.

For information in Phantasy Star Online 2 about me:
I do have a few separate accounts due to having played the game since "Veteran Mode" days when requirements were far more strict than that of today's latest updates of the game. My main character, by obvious, is Arala Cran (and she is also my main favorite-of-all-time-no.1 character as well); however, she is currently in the active International Team: Midnight Blue, which is founded by Maizono Karin, and is currently under leadership of Kenjutsu (or Beni, as few who are close to him sometimes refer his name to). My main protagonist has a Japanese playername, and her friends roster is full (sorry! I already am aware that many westerns just randomly despise poor Arala Cran, but I do not, and it seems that many of the Japanese native players of PSO2JP definitely do not despise her either. She is also my strongest character in the game yet, despite a lot of deaths to boot.) She tends to have balance of Magic at best with some melee skills, but to say, Arala Cran isn't exactly as she used to be due to having been revived in the distant future (out of character story for her intended); she has lost all memories of her past ever since her second death by the hands of Kohintaro Kuga and company when having taken a wrong turn with his brother Shintaro Kuga, who too was defeated. Arala is now reincarnated as a female newman. She still remembers her name, and the fact that she is suave and formal, partial narcissist, and very flirty, and the fact that she has a knack with Magic and Scythe mastery, and doesn't plan to be easily defeated a third time. She has changed affinity this time around, also having reincarnated her "liberators" (Kohintaro and Fumiko O.V.) and is no longer against them. Her prime styles of focus for the time are Force, Techer, Bouncer, and Hunter. Force is her best.

My secondary main account has an English name for both user and main character of it: playername is ShiroiRen, and she is a FONewearl who has a infamously funny joke name I used since Phantasy Star Online 1 for laughs: "IH8U", in the infamous reference of "I hate you!"; however, she far from does, and do be warned, she is a major perverted magical newman girl. Her friends list roster is not exactly full as of yet due to not exactly moving around too much, but she is very popular as well too (so her list is close to full by now!) Truth be told, actually this FONewearl was supposed to be my main protagonist character; however, something had gone wrong for half of a year... I lost her account name in confusion, but later on recovered it, so she is quite a few steps behind Arala Cran, who she gets along with extremely intimate. She too is balanced but tends to try to focus on what her best friend has weakness over: Magic + Ranged offensives

And so here, this character who I have: Casper, is my third one, although at first not as active due to not having much luck at finding things, but this is to change now. She too is yet another girl who uses Magic at most, but she's slightly like Arala Cran. Melee + Magic user who utilizes Death Magic with speed. Do expect to see more from where this comes from with her starting this year!

that's all for now, I'll leave more information if you wish of something, but do know, real photos are also more prohibited than even sharing a name. I appreciate your understanding of this.
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